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Community description:a daily community for Karl Urban and Chris Pine.


Welcome to [community profile] daily_urbine, a daily community for Karl Urban and Chris Pine in their Star Trek roles, appearances, other movies, photoshoots and candids.


- Stating The Flipping Obvious.
This comm is just for fun. If you do not like this 'idea' please do not join this community. It is as simple as that.

- No Bashing/'Wank'/Trolling/Flaming/etc.
If found doing any of the forementioned it will not be tolerated in this community at any time, especially towards those we post pictures of. You will be banned if it occurs.

- Respect.
Towards all members, at all times. You will be banned if disrespect occurs.

- The Obvious. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

- Images.
The pictures/gifs used are copyrighted to their source/owners. Credit goes to the photographers of the original photos.

- Hotlinking.
Please don't hotlink any of the pics here, use them if you want, just upload to your own sources. TY.

- Enjoy.
Have fun melting/fapping/dribbling/drooling ... looking over the entries.

- Comment!fics & comment!art.
Comment!fics & comment!art are allowed/and always welcomed to any of the pictures posted.

- Share.
Discuss the pictures! Please don't be shy here. This is no place to be shy.


- Mondays are Karl pics only.
- Fridays are Chris pics only.
- All other days are 'Urbine' pics.

(if you want/wish to become an affiliate just reply here)

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